38: So Close

Heartbroken 😦

We came so close

Chants of “it’s coming home” have been growing by the day

My workplace threw their entire support behind our boy by transforming the workplace into an England decorated zone

And the English squad, in turn, grew our hopes that this could be the year that football truly came home

But it was not to be

Croatia are a study in perseverance and determination

1-0 down for 60 minutes of the game and completely dominated by England yet they kept working to wear our boys down until they finally got the break they were looking for

Overall it’s been a successful campaign for England, we weren’t expecting to go this far

Nobody was

It’s been a very long time since an English squad captured the hearts and hopes of its nation and this young squad certainly did that but this time around it wasn’t enough

I’m not even a football crazed guy

Far from it but yet the pain of loss is still real

We came so close

Our boys did us proud

It WILL eventually come home

Just not this time

Let the Lions Roar!!!!


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