37: Quick Fix or Quick Sand

The more you struggle, the deeper you sink

That’s quick sand for you, you actually need to stop struggling to free yourself long enough to figure out the best way to free yourself – read that again, in case you think it doesn’t make sense

Paradoxical? yes, ironic? of course but isn’t that how life goes?

Right now I’m either looking for a quick fix or I feel like I am standing on quick sand, slowly sinking and making it worse by struggling to be free

I’m tired

Burning the candle at both ends for a while and feeling burnt out because of it

I can’t seem to focus for a sustained period of time, as if my brain is too scattered, thoughts spread too thinly to be effective

What am I to do?

I don’t know – I honestly don’t

Stop struggling is all I can come up with

Perhaps it’s case of going back to basics and doing simple things like the following

Taking deep measured breathes

Drinking water consistently and regularly

reading something inspirational

Revisiting goals


It’s not a quick fix, those only lead to that quick sand feeling of sinking further and further into whatever it is that you’re trying to get away from

It takes time

Be well


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