34: Winners Mentality

England are through to the semi finals of the 2018 World Cup

An entire nation is beginning to believe

The win is far from being in the bag but this is the farthest we’ve gone in 28 years

“It’s coming home….football’s coming home”

The song has repeatedly been sung in recent days, growing louder and with more certainty each time.

A sign that there’s a growing belief that our boys may indeed bring it home this time around

I’ve noticed that we started with very limited beliefs about what would be possible at the beginning of this World Cup

Too much history

Too many disappointments in previous campaigns

It’s taken victory after victory to build up that self belief and along with it, the hopes of an entire country

This is how winning is done

Each victory counts

Each win, no matter how hard won, no matter how close we came to losing it all, a win is a win and it’s extremely important

Winners believe they will win regardless

Winners fight tooth and nail to find a way even when there seems to be none

And when most necessary, winners ensure they win decided victories, meaning they make it certain that the win is theirs without question

The English squad have raised our beliefs, hopes and expectations

You may not be a big football (soccer) fan, neither am I to be fair, I wouldn’t watch a random game on a week day

But this is about home pride

A collective joy in witnessing your side, your nation, your home country take the win

A winners mentality is to not question whether they can win or not, it’s to not allow the doubts to become too loud and noisy that it effects your game

A winners job is to show up with the mind set of ‘I’m here to get the job done’

And then getting the job done

It’s coming home

Come on England – there a long way to go still but a much shorter one than when the World Cup first began, that’s for sure

Whatever happens, these boys are winners in my eyes

We’ve already won

And if you believe in yourself, so have you

Be well


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