32: No Losses Just Lessons

I’m not always right

It’s sadly something I have to continually remind myself because left to my own devices I will assume I always am right

I won’t and can’t please everyone

I have to continually remind myself of this too because again, there’s a deep rooted tendency within me to attempt to please

I am not for everybody

I have to remind myself that not everybody will like me or like my approach or anything about me

It’s not their fault and it’s not mine either

It’s all just energy

Like chemistry between two people, it’s either there or it’s not

But I often find myself needing to remind myself of these things over and over again, otherwise I’ll care too much about what other people think of me rather than doing what needs to be done regardless

Like anything in life it’s about finding balance

Just because I won’t be liked by everyone does not give me the right to treat anyone with anything less than the respect they deserve as a human being

Just because I can’t please everyone does not give me an excuse to not work to find win win solutions for everyone involved

With the understanding that sometimes none will be found

Placing myself in another persons position and seeing things from their perspective before reacting will help me put things into context

Better still, choosing to respond rather than react (there’s a difference) will 9 times out of 10 get me better results

But it’s all a learning curve isn’t it

There are no losses only lessons

And as long as you make the most of the lesson learned then there’s not more you can ask from yourself

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