31: There’s a Bigger Picture

Sometimes life can be confusing

Sometimes events can happen that seem to make no sense at all

Probably why most of us would conclude that life is ‘unfair’

It can seem as if everything is just happening at random

As if life in of itself is meaningless and pointless

How are we supposed to be motivated to be better and do better when it seems as if none of it counts or matters

But it does count

Your actions, choices and ultimately your life does matter

Whether you sense it or not, whether you can appreciate it or not, know this: your life matters and there is a bigger plan unfolding

Your significance will not and should never be determined by the size of your bank balance, your looks, current station in life or any other inconsequential element

You are greater than those things

Much more significant are you than your race, culture or creed

There is a bigger picture at play here

You may not have a full grasp of what that picture is but recognise that it’s there

Envision the vastness of the known universe, all of it made of energy, dark matter, light and unknown matter

All of it expanding

A cosmic structure and construct where even the apparent chaos is organised and exists with a purpose

That’s macro level thinking

On the micro front, the tiniest molecule of life known as atoms are vibrating at such a high speed that they are invisible to the naked eye but yet everything we see, feel and touch is made of them

Energy all around us

Macro and Micro coexisting in harmony

With this balance displayed so masterfully in nature, will you now turn around and declare your life meaningless?

Whatever or perhaps it’s whoever orchestrated existence seems to have a purpose and plan for everything

You are no different

You have a purpose and there is a point to your life

There is a much bigger picture to your life

Whether you realise it or not

Whether you care about it or not

It doesn’t really matter

The picture will reveal itself all the same

All in due time

Be well


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