30: Do It Until

How long are we meant to pursue something that eludes us?

How much time and effort should we put into our goals, especially when they feel so far away from being actualised?

How many times do we pick ourselves back up before deciding that staying down permanently is a better solution?

How long?

Until you become the person you see and dream of yourself becoming

Until your goals are a reality rather than a wish

Until you have in your possession the material possessions you desire to have

Does this mean we stubbornly pursue only one course of action without regard to the inevitable feedback life will give us?

Does this mean we hold on to our grand life vision regardless of how many people tell us to give up and quit

Did we ever consider that perhaps we’re not actually well suited to the vocation we’ve earmarked as our dream?

Have we taken the time to digest the harsh truth, that failure is almost inevitable and set backs are a certainty?

Where do you find yourself right now?

Are you filled with confidence about where you’re going, what you are doing and who you are becoming?

If so, bravo, I along with everyone else am happy for you. Long may it continue

But for those of us struggling to reconcile our inner ambitions with external realities

I write for you

I have you in mind as I type this, as each word is released, you are my reason

My encouragement to you is simple

Do whatever you’re doing to make your dreams a reality UNTIL it happens

Refuse to be stubborn

Feedback is helpful for improvement

Be adaptable and quick to make changes

But refuse to conform either

You were born unique so allow nothing to make you anything other than what and who you were born to be

Do it until

It will happen

Just keep going

Be well


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