28: Beyond Your Comfort Zone

I’ve been doing some thinking

Not consistently but every so often I consciously (and probably subconsciously all the time) have been doing some thinking

What have I been thinking about?


I feel more certain than ever that I know where the direction of my life is going but I can’t always shut out the doubts and that one lingering question that plays over and over again in my mind

“what if you don’t make it?”

I haven’t come up with a clear answer for that question just yet but I know deep down that the real answer is “I’ll deal with it, life always goes on, no matter what”

But just because life goes on doesn’t mean that I will be okay with it, not making it for me means not becoming a filmmaker, a media mogul (dare I say it out loud) or just someone who got to do exactly what they wanted in life

Not making it goes beyond my professional aspirations and runs deep into my personal desires too

I enjoy my friends and family but not to the degree that I would if this one question didn’t bother me so much that I’m driven to focus almost entirely on professional achievements

The key is to move beyond my comfort zones and double down on become even better at what I do but more importantly, become even better at who I am as a person

We’re more than half way through the year

Yet there is still a lot to play for, still enough time to make this year an amazing one

How has your year been like so far?

Are you making strides towards your objectives and goals?

Have you let anything fall to the wayside that you know you should be picking back up rather than allowing the year to pass without achieving it?

Maybe (and I hope this is the case) you’ve excelled at everything you wanted to do this year both professionally and personally

But don’t stall or stop there – there’s always higher peaks on bigger mountains

As mentioned before, life always goes on no matter what

Standing still, remaining where you currently are is tantamount to professional and personal life suicide

You have to keep moving

Keep moving beyond your comfort zones

I aim to

Be well



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