27: Start Again

In recent days, my attention for writing has waned

I have been busy living life and turning an idea into reality

This has resulted in unfocused writing

I’m not too happy about that

Regardless of how many people read this or how many other things I may have going on, I want the content on this site to be as useful for people as they can be

The type of things I want to write is usually most useful when you’re in a dark place, doubting yourself and in need of some reassurance that things will work out for you and everything will be okay

In other words, I want to write uplifting things that support your development and help you deal with life that 1% better than if you hadn’t read my post (I know, that’s a major goal)

If it isn’t helpful then why write it?

If it’s too self indulgent than you probably don’t need to read it

So, it’s about starting again, rebuilding my commitment levels to get it back to where it was than take it even further than that

It’s time to start again

I’m pressing the reset button and building again from the ground up

I promise to work harder to improve my writing so that it will be of greater use to you dear reader

It will take time but I will make those improvements

That’s a promise

By the way, it would appear that my last blog post wasn’t uploaded when I thought it was hence the double posting today

Be well


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