26: Let Your Passion Lead The Way

It’s a wrap!!

Well almost: we’re taking a much needed and deserved break before finishing the last three scenes remaining

But the bulk of the film is done

Man was it hard work!

But even more importantly, man was it fun!!

There’s something about having an idea, writing it down, making it clear what you want to bring to life and then finding a way to do it

This is low budget filmmaking but it may as well be about any type of passion

Let it lead the way and you’ll quickly discover that yes, although you may get tired

You may want to quit and give up at some points, you will never feel bored or disengaged from life

Your days will pass by so quickly and get feel full with so much having happened within each day

Let your passion lead the way

I’m not saying the way will lead to fortune and/or fame

But I don’t think that’s what’s most people are after

If you’re like me and I’m willing to bet that you are then all you truly want is to be engaged in life spin something you thoroughly enjoy and are great at and by some luck and chance, get compensated quite well for

I’m slowing ticking a few of those boxes and working y way towards the compensation part 🙂

Let your passion lead the way

The rest will take care of itself

Be well


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