14: The Choice is yours

We were told that we can do anything in life if we just worked hard

That’s what they told me at least

Hard work pays and being dedicated and committed would result in success

Only problem was, they never explained what I should work hard at

I just assumed that I was supposed to work hard at my job and everything would take care of itself


How many people do you know, who work extremely hard at their day jobs and yet…nothing

They’re in the hamster wheel of life, running fast but staying in the very same position as before

Hard work on the day job is required to keep it and perhaps move a little bit forward each year but not to gain the kind of success and outcomes we all deep down wish to have

No, that kind of hard work is a different challenge entirely

It’s the hard work in refusing to accept what you see right in front of your eyes as reality

It’s the hard work of believing in your imagination rather than present day circumstances

It’s the hard work of ‘acting as if’ everything you want to be, do and have is already yours even when at present it isn’t

Day 14 sees me going home now after a very busy day at work, heading to get my hair braided and now heading back home

I’ve had a nutritional bar for breakfast, soup for lunch and haven’t had the opportunity to have dinner yet or work out but I bought a bag of honey roasted cashew and peanuts which I wouldn’t say is the greatest choice of snacks when on a diet but not the worst either

Be well


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