Factoring In life: Day 13

Today, alongside my manager,  I had meetings with clients and suppliers in town and since we are coming to the end of our business financial year, we also wanted to take those clients out for a celebratory lunch

This meant that I couldn’t quite stick to my preset diet but I did limit what I ordered to a salmon and salad so I think I was still very much disciplined

I followed through on my working out of max 30 – I felt achy in my body this morning but I’m guessing that’s a good thing

Now, I think I’ll have the soup I was supposed to have at lunch as my dinner and see if this will suffice, if it doesn’t I’ll also have some of the provided snacks that diet chef offer

I guess the reason for the title was to point out that although we make our plans, our daily lives will also present circumstances of their own of which we must factor in

You won’t have all your days go in the way you want them to go

Your plans, yes even your diet will sometimes need to adjust to accommodate whatever life is asking of you

And things like diets are small fry in comparison to the numerous situations that can often go against our plans in the grand scheme of life

Yet even then, even when the big stuff go bump in the night, just know that this is life doing what life always does, demanding growth from us

Factoring in life is just another way of saying, always make room for the unexpected to happen

Always allow in your plans, whether big or small, for life to ultimately take you in a completely different direction than what you had in mind

whatever that direction may be and whatever the final destination may be, also recognise this:

Everything will always work out for you in the end

Be well


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