Opportunities in the air: Day 10

Today I had A down day since I’ve been away for work for a few weeks

But of course this only meant working on my dreams rather than the 9-5

So, today I watched the most up to date version of my documentary that my editor sent to me and I made all my notes and sent her back more ideas but I was super thrilled with what she had put together

We are almost at the finish line on ‘Unbreakable – the Steve Zakuani story’

Then I met with my business partner and producer of all my films Anthony and we went into central London for a very important meeting we’ve been trying to set up for a few months now

The meeting went well – yaaay 🙂

Very chilled, yet very productive and the people we met didn’t laugh us out of the restaurant but rather got very excited about the idea we’re trying to bring to life

Myself and Anthony than sat down for a quick dinner while discussing the schedule for our current film ‘Insanity’ which starts filming in just over a weeks time

I had to take a step back and appreciate the moment, here we were having dinner, after a very successful meeting with some people who could actually one day make us financially successful

We have a film about to be screened in a festival this coming Sunday, another one in post production and yet another about to enter production

The only thing missing is money! If we had all the money to show for our efforts we would be so much more appreciative of this moment was all I could think to myself

And how sad is that?

Appreciate the moment for what it is because the money will surely follow soon enough and if it doesn’t then you at least enjoyed the ride

There are opportunities everywhere

This very moment, as you read this gives you much to be grateful for

Will you stop and recognise that?

Will you take time out and realise that you are blessed beyond measure and that many people would love to be in your position?

Money will never bring you the happiness you think it will, not in the long run

But making continuous progress towards your goals and becoming the person you’ve always dreamed you may one day become…yeah, that might just make you happy

I’m willing to be it would

Be well


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