Having A Blast: Day 8

My time in Cardiff at the Volvo Ocean race is almost up

Just one more day before I can be reunited with the comforts of my own bed and other familiar things

In the famous words of Icecube ” Today was a good day”

Cardiff has been much better than I anticipated it would be

I learned how to sail in an M32, which probably won’t mean much to you but trust me when I tell you these bad boys cover a lot of ocean in a short space of time, their speed is frighteningly exhilarating

I’ve just come from a screening of The Avengers, although I and my other colleagues have seen it, my manager hasn’t so we wanted her to have a watch

She in turned splashed out and bought us anything we wanted while in the cinema in true motherly fashion

After the film we walked her back to the hotel and like typical ‘boys’ came back out for an unnecessary second screening of another film

‘Rampage’ starring Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson, I haven’t seen it ad I’m way too tired but you know what they all say….when in Cardiff…..

I’m gonna be shattered tomorrow

Who the hell cares, I’m having a blast

Be well


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