Fatigue, Awards & Growth: Day 7

I’m tired

I’m grateful to have a great team that step in and do most of the work rather than me but even with their taking charge, I’m still tired, it would seem we have engaged with at least 3000 people in the last 2 weeks

That’s 3000 people we have worked with directly in small groups of no more than 5 at a time, usually averaging 2 people per group, that’s a lot of people and it takes a lot of time

I went to an awards ceremony in the evening and didn’t really have any one from my direct team there to laugh or have a good time with and plus the fatigue I was already feeling was making it difficult for me to even want to go

But go I did and it turned out to be more than okay, I enjoyed myself and the company of strangers I was put with

I’m growing and although I couldn’t only have the diet chef meals, I wouldn’t call today a failure in regards to nutrition and diet

Today was the first day while up here in Cardiff that I realised how tired I’m getting and perhaps I just need longer sleep times

I’m grateful to the people I work with, I’m thankful that work always feels like I’m amongst friends rather than just mere colleagues

Sleep beckons

Be well



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