A Big Life: Day Five

I’m getting used to the granola in the morning, soup for lunch but today I also had a ‘cheeky’ Nandos and now having returned from a Beyoncé Jay Z concert, I’m about to have a sandwich, a coke and some chocolate

I’m calling this another cheat day

Damn I’m now down to 7 cheat days left!!

Anyways, I’m tired but didn’t want to miss the deadline for writing a post today

I called this post ‘a big life’ because I’ve been inspired by the On The Run Concert I just attended, the show was incredible

The level of thought put into everything I experienced tonight was….very detailed

And much appreciated

It made me think about the big life I want to lead for myself, the big life we all picture in our own minds

For each person, a big life will mean something completely different and unique to that person but this much we have in common, we all aspire, we all dream and we all desire to express ourselves to the highest degree

I hope life permits you to do just that

Be well


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