How Much Longer? Day Three

So, I’m still on my weight loss journey through my diet

It’s now day three and I am slowly starting to find the calorie deficit easier to manage and deal with although I am still having an ice cream during my work day

my colleagues wanted me to go to Nandos with them today and so I did but I ordered and ate nothing, I just socialised instead since I already had my vegetable soup for lunch

I was proud of that little moment right there, it showcased my growing will power to myself and reinforced my commitment to this goal

The title of this post ‘How much longer?’ is not about the diet, rather, its about all the times I started something like this before, only to fall short, fail and forget about it for a while and then come back to the very beginning all over again some time later

How much longer will I allow myself to tolerate my own inconsistencies?

How much longer will you?

I know we all have good intentions, we all want to do good things for ourselves and others but how much longer will you accept your good intentions before enough is enough?

I hope to stick with this, I did it with the blog (160 post’s and counting) and therefore can do it with this diet thing too

Its really not about the diet itself, it’s all about the discipline, the ability to remain consistent when attempting to build new habits

This all starts at the thought level

Healthy thoughts reap healthy habits which in turn create a healthy lifestyle

All I can do is to keep going

Be well


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