Weight Loss Goal: Day Two

cheat day

I decided to have a cheat day


Yeah, it was either that or call it quits entirely and I am not going to do that but I honestly wasn’t ready for the hunger that I still felt yesterday and so I ordered some wings and with that move, the old habits, mentally came rushing back

So today I gave myself a cheat day and I’ve just had a kebab, had an ice cream earlier and at the Volvo ocean race in Cardiff where I am currently working from I also had a double cheese burger….so yeah, in many peoples books I have already fallen, backslidden, given up

But do not be fooled

Giving up is lying to yourself and never writing a post about your set backs or failures again and just dismissing the post about weight loss entirely

Hanging in there is being honest with yourself and with others, in my case that would be you, the readers of this blog

I don’t know how often I will have cheat days but my aim is to keep them to a very minimum. I am doing this for 90 days and I will allow myself the luxury of 10% of those 90 days being used for cheat days – that would be 9 days

I’ve already used 1 so I have 8 more days. in a 12 week period, I could probably have one cheat day a week for the first 8 weeks and hopefully once I’m used to the idea of the diet, I could soldier it through with no cheat days for the last 4 weeks

But you know how the saying goes “Human’s make their plans and God laughs”

I can’t think too far ahead, I should only focus on the next step which in my case would be the next day (tomorrow)

Falling is never bad

Never getting back up after the fall is

Be well


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