Weight Loss Goal: Day One

Diet chef

So I’m picking back up this one goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the year again

I want to lose weight, I don’t really have a problem with working out or exercising but I do have a problem with eating

I eat for many reasons other than genuine hunger

It’s time to change that

Today I started my diet chef plan which is precooked meals that get delivered to me for me to eat a set amount for breakfast, lunch and diner

diet chef 2

So granola breakfast, tomato soup for lunch and Beef stew for dinner is what I’ve had so far

Oh, and I did sneak in a cheeky salty caramel ice cream cone but you know what, it was a hot day up here in Cardiff and while I’m up here for 10 days for work purposes, I think it best not to be too harsh on myself

I must have discipline yes but not to the point of turning myself off from the task at hand

I noticed that at around 3pm I became really hungry and I couldn’t get my mind to focus on anything else for a while

Also when the day drags on, I noticed that I wanted some sort of sugary snack as a pick me up to keep me going through the day

I’ve tried to lose weight on many different occasions in the past and to be fair, I did lose weight but only to gain it all back because weight gain or excess weight is not the problem but only a symptom of the problem

The overeating, relying on food as some sort of crutch, eating too many sugary processed foods, fried foods, these are all symptoms, not the problem itself

I will do myself no favours by seeking to eradicate them from my life and diet if my internal thoughts and ideas about food doesn’t change. It’s more than just going on a food diet, I must really go on a thought diet, starve out the idea that bad food is what tastes good and healthy, nutritious food doesn’t

Every food type is an acquired taste, some are easy to develop and others are much harder to gain a liking for but we can rewire our taste buds to like the things we know we should want to like

It is possible

And it all starts it an honest examination of what is really going on inside, why I am choosing to eat even when I don’t feel hungry and why I am choosing to eat things that in the long run are not good for me

It’s more than a diet, it’s an attempt at life change

This is day one of a Ninety day plan, we’ll see what happens

I’ll be writing about it

Be well


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