There’s Enough Time

I dropped out of university because I wanted to be as successful as possible in as quick a time

My Dad tried to counsel me in taking my time, he advised me that I would have enough time to do everything I wanted to do after obtaining a solid foundation of an education

I felt otherwise, I thought I was wiser in all things to do with me and so I did the opposite of what my dad wanted me to do

I’ve never regretted the decision but I have come to appreciate the wisdom behind my fathers words

At the time I was too insecure about my dreams and worried that I would somehow lose them if I didn’t pursue them with everything I had that very instance

What I perceived as an aversion to risk from my dad was actually hard won knowledge gained from experience

Our memories are short so we say life is short but is it really?

If life was so short would the concept of binge watching entertainment even exist?

Would we waste so much of life is what I’m basically wondering?

I don’t think that we would

But perhaps deep down we know that there is enough time within each day to get multiple things done

And there is certainly enough time within a life span to accomplish whatever you’ve decided to make your life purpose and mission

I’m not overlooking those who tragically pass on prematurely, I didn’t say life was fair

Just that, generically speaking, most of us will have enough time to accomplish everything we dream about

You don’t need to skip steps like I did and you don’t need to rush. In fact, the act of rushing is a great indicator that you don’t actually believe you will get the things you want in the way you want it

It’s a sign of a person with a scarcity mentality, you’re rushing out into the world trying to do it all so quickly because you’re worried that there’s not enough to go around (there is) and that you will miss out (you won’t) and ultimately that you won’t make it (you will)

So take your time

Be diligent in the small things, show yourself committed and faithful to the little things and you will one day be rewarded with much

Be well


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