The Redprint – Live Every Day Twice


I just recently heard this concept

Imagination is a powerful thing and so imagine at the end of everyday you replayed the events of your day over again, almost reliving the day again but this time with a difference

Imagine replaying the events of your day over again in your mind but rewriting how they occurred and ensuring everything goes the way you would have wanted things to go in the first place

why? what’s the point in doing that?

Because even neurologists will tell you that the mind is a powerful thing and yet it’s easy to trick

The mind finds it hard to distinguish between an imagined event and reality, that’s why athletes focus so much on their mental game as much as they do on their actual physical performance

Muscle memory can be created by imagining yourself doing something as much as doing the thing itself, i.e. if I play the image of me speaking in public with confidence over and over in my mind then I begin the process of building muscle memory, even though I’m not doing it in reality….yet

The more I see it in my mind, the more I convince my brain that I am capable of doing it and my brain begins building new neural pathways because it believes that I have done it so many times before

And should a real opportunity arise for me to actually speak in public then my muscle memory from all the visualisations I did will kick in and the theory is that I will be able to do the job at hand even better because of all the times I have imagined myself doing it and all the neural pathways i have developed

I haven’t tried it out yet but I definitely aim to live my days two times, one in reality and the second time in my mind as I relive the events of my days and shift them into outcomes I would have wanted

Image nation

I will essentially aim to rewrite the history of my days and MAKE them turn out the way I want, one way of the other

it’s what I am calling my Redprint – blueprints are drawn out before a building goes up, we too create blueprints to our lives when we draft out goals, vision boards and the likes but what about after? Do we ever stop and revise our blueprints to match the reality of the life we’ve built?

I’m pretty sure I’ve lost the majority of you reading this and if I haven’t you may think I’m on something, but I don’t really care – this is my platform, not yours, my life, not yours and my quirks and interests not.yours

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge is what Einstein said – I’m with him on this

Create muscle memory with your mind, by imagining things you want, exactly how you want them to be, over and over and over and over again then go out there and live it over and over and over again

Make sense?

No? Maybe it wasn’t supposed to (wink)

Be well



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