This is when it counts

I’m can feel myself getting tired

Tired of writing, frustrated that my readership isn’t growing as fast as I would like (although I grateful for each new person following this journey)

The novelty has worn off

This blog is no longer something which fills me with excitement but it’s exactly now, when it’s no longer new or exciting that things truly count

This is when I should dig deep enough to write things that truly matter, that will hopefully connect with others and be of help in some way

When you no longer feel like doing it, feel like being there, feel like working out, feel like being kind, feel like revising or any number of things that you’ve made a commitment to

That very moment is when it counts the most, it doesn’t count to get amped up when you first enter the gym, but that last rep after you feel exhausted is crucial

When your muscles have broken but you still push yourself to do one more set – that’s when it truly counts

Because that’s when you will experience true growth

Growth comes not in the novelty of new things, in being freshly in love, in starting your business or any other fresh, new and exciting thing

Those things are great, brilliant to experience and encouraging for the journey were embarking on but to rely on the ‘feeling’ as a reason to keep going in the long run is to fail before you’ve even began

The ‘feeling’ will change, that’s a given but don’t mistake that for a loss of interest in what you’re doing

In fact, see it for what it truly is, the beginning of true growth, this is where the jokers fall out and fade away and the committed ones remain

I want to be part of the committed group

I am committed

Feelings be damned

Be well


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