Be Still


Sometimes I write from experience

Most days I theorise on what I think about this world of ours is about and how things could or should be

Currently, my life is becoming more demanding and busy, yet my strategy for facing this somewhat demanding phase hasn’t changed. I haven’t taken stock of the fact that life is asking a completely different question of me, one for which, if I am to succeed, I must come up with a much better answer


That for me feels like the right answer

You don’t meet busyness with more activity but you counter it and stop everything you are doing, giving yourself a moment to regroup and take stock of what you are actually trying to achieve

Stillness is sharpening your saw and making sure the blade is so razor sharp that it will draw blood at the slightest hint of contact

Activity, too much of it without rest, without reflection leads to dullness

You’re blade becomes dull and useless if you fail to take the time to sharpen it

And for a human being, I think that stillness is the key


This is all theory, I could be bang on the money and I could just as likely be completely wrong and off base – it doesn’t really matter. Nothing theory based ever truly does matter

The only thing that ever counts is the action we take

If I believe that stillness is the answer in helping me deal with my developing busy life then I must first act on it, only then can I truly speak from experience and know whether it is true for me or not

Isn’t that the problem with most things?

We have opinions about almost everything but yet very little real life experience on any of it and in the long run, which of the two will make a difference? Opinions or experience?

Perhaps I don’t meditate because it feels too burdensome for me – or perhaps rather than starting small, I envisage doing some crazy time frames, sitting still and clearing my mind for hours on end…..yeah that wouldn’t be sustainable, after all, I’ve got things to do

But stillness is the aim, I picture becoming that immovable Oak tree in the eye of the storm – still, strong and stable

I want the busyness, I enjoy the activity

I just don’t want it to rule or overpower me

Be well


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