Gladiators In Suits

I love that phrase “gladiators in suits” – it comes from US drama series ‘Scandal’

The reason I love this phrase is because I feel it truly captures the blood sport that is day to day employment/work/life

Whether running your own business or gainfully employed by a company, todays economy is global, competitive and relentless

Half of the jobs that exist right now, will cease to do so in a matter of 5 years or less, why? Because we’re evolving so fast, technology is improving so rapidly that we are innovating ourselves out of day jobs

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment than you will quickly recognise how much of a battle field progress can be

But we’re all also gladiators in suits in regards to our personal lives

The scars and wounds that life inflicts can sometimes be fatal, some of us never recover but the rest of us trod along, fighting the good fight

I don’t know what your arena is, I don’t know who your opponent is or how fierce they are

It doesn’t matter

What I do know is, the battle is real and we as modern day gladiators must become as crafty with the tools at our disposal as the gladiators of old were expected to be with theirs

Or else we risk being destroyed and conquered by life. Sharpen your weapon tools of choice

Whether that be your perseverance, intelligence, creativity or any other skill set life has bestowed on you

Sharpen it and make it battle ready

Life isn’t fair but that doesn’t mean we have to lay down and take it’s beatings without fighting back

I’ll end there because I don’t feel I captured it the way I wanted to but I took a shot and sometimes that’s enough

Be well


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