Talk It out

I learned this during the ‘upping your Elvis’ training course

Sometimes, if you feel stuck on a problem and can’t quite think of a solution or answer, one of the things you can do to change your state is to go for a walk but go don’t go alone

Go with a trusted friend or colleague and simply talk

But this isn’t talking without a purpose, no, the both of you will know what the problem you’re facing is and what you’re currently stuck on

From there you just talk about everything that is bothering you about the issue at hand while your colleague observes you and listens to you discuss things. You can talk in circles or be as specific as you want, it doesn’t really matter, what does matter is the fact that you are walking and talking and without any effort on your part, your state is changing

your partner will notice when it happens

There will come a time within about 5 minutes when your state will completely change – by state I mean your physical posture, voice, emotional disposition, all of these things will suddenly change

It’s almost magic how this happens but it happens each.and.every.time I do it

It will then be down to your friend to inform you of the state change and ask you why – often it will because of something you said, an idea that sprung to mind and this idea is often the beginning steps to finding a solution to your problem

Talking is a simple yet powerful thing and the reason most of us don’t use it enough when trying to solve a problem is because it feels too simple and often, its done in the wrong setting

We often try to talk about a problem in a setting not conducive to seeking a solution, we speak about our problems to the wrong people who cant help us anyway or we discuss it with those directly involved who will have the human tendency to become defensive and therefore not help out

So go for a walk, take some breaths and let whatever sense of pressure you may be feeling drop off you as you talk about anything that comes to mind and wait for it

it will happen

The ideas will begin coming to you

Be well


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