I’m sure you’ve already heard of False Evidence Appearing Real as a acronym for fear

And yeah it’s definitely valid, some people switch the evidence word with the word expectations and still it all makes sense

The other day though I heard it put another way

Forcing Everything And Running

And hearing that made me pause to think

How true it is that when we are in a state of fear or worry one of the ways it shows up is in the way we try to force things to happen

When you’re trying to ‘make’ things happen and are getting resistance so you push even harder, stop, ask yourself what’s driving you to push so hard to make this happen?

Is it because you want it so much or is it because you fear you won’t have it and that thought alone scares you

There is such a thing as wanting it ‘too much’ and by that I mean losing sight of your values and becoming unbalanced in your desire for one thing to the detriment of everything else

It’s called obsession

I struggle to think of any situation where obsession is seen in a positive light

Obsession places value and priority on the object of its affection above everything else including self preservation

That could never be a good thing

So try not to force anything to happen, work towards acquiring things yes but allow rather than force things to happen

And the other side of the phrase was And Running

Call it natural instinct of our caveman programming or what have you but when it comes to things we fear, our natural inclination is to run

In most cases that’s the right thing to do, it keeps you alive

The problem comes when you allow everything you fear to force you to run away to the point where you’re now running from yourself

Running away from what you feel, what you want, what you dream and long for not only leads to a very small and poorly lived life but ultimately, I imagine, a regret filled one too

Fear is a powerful emotion, in many instances, it will save you from danger but deciphering real dangers from imagined ones is a skill that separates the doers from the observers

Yes, fear is powerful

But you are even more so

Use it well


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