Jump Out Of Your Head

And into your heart

That line is too fluffy for any respectable man (apparently) but what would make me more of a man, submitting to what society tells me a man should be or forging my own way based on my own inner compass

I live too much in my head, very few moments are spent at my heart level where true meaning is not only defined but experienced

Living in my head causes me to never try anything I think may not turn out well for me

I fail to try anything that will diminish my ego, reduce me in stature in the eyes of others by making me look silly or out right fail at something

I won’t do anything that endangers my crafted sense of self when I live in my head

Overthinking and overanalysing will pretty much ensure that I don’t cross any lines deemed ‘risky’

But what happens when I stop living in my head and jump into my heart, leading my life from a place of fulfilment first, reason and rationale second?

What would happen if I moved with courage in the face of fear?

The truth is, I really don’t know

I don’t know what would happen but I imagine that I would discover that my gut and intuition were right all along

My gut tells me that a life like no other awaits me on the other side of playing it safe and small

My intuition tells me that I, like you, can lead a life of true fulfilment, where opportunities meet challenge and the end result is I grow beyond belief

Life will always have its challenges but I think I’m coming to the realisation that my outlook when encountering those challenges is the most important factor in determining the ultimate outcome

I’m not there yet

Have hardly started the journey but a few steps in the right direction will always be better than a million steps taken in the wrong direction


Jump out of your head and into your heart and let it lead you to a place you can hardly even begin imagine yet

Be well


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