Free Flow Writing

Let things free flow and see what comes out

That’s the plan at least

I don’t have a plan here or any idea what I am writing about other than I know i need to write something for today and I figured since I am a little under the weather and not feeling well, I’d try my hand at something else

I wonder what comes up when you don’t allow yourself to think too much before you write? I wonder how that would work for free flow speaking?

I think sometimes I go through cycles and bouts of a variety of things, days when I can’t wait to get out of bed, where I feel like I am super human and can do anything in the world and other days when I feel like complete crap

I hate this topsy turvy, up and down rollercoaster ride of life – I wish I could just take a pill that would fix everything about my life and make everything work the way I want it

Then I think, why do I complain so much?

what do i truly have to be unhappy about? perhaps my unhappiness (when i HAVE IT) comes from the idea of wanting to constantly be entertained and made to feel great and special all the time when life isn’t and should be about that all

Life is about growth – it must be, surely

otherwise whats the point?

None of this really makes sense but honestly I don’t really care too much, I actually find it so interesting that I wish I could type faster so that i wouldn’t have to think so much about what I am doing right now, that would be the key

Man – I’m so boring lol – I’m a little disappointed that this was all I was able to come up with

Be well


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