Busy But So What?

I’m really busy right now

I have a full time job, a feature film due to premier at a festival in a month’s time, a feature documentary in post production that also needs to be completed in a month’s time and a feature film that goes into production, guess when….

That’s right, a month’s time

I have opportunities outside of the above mentioned activities that I need to capitalise on

There’s a lot going on – I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the many different directions I’m pulling myself in and other days I feel nothing but excitement

Yet these activities don’t bring the most fulfilment to me, I’ve always known that a fulfilling relationship is my biggest and truest desire but yet I’ve yet to meet my match

Not because I’m super picky or arrogant but more because I struggle to believe I’m worthy and good enough to attract and have what I truly want

At some level I also know that I’ve placed this idea of love on an unrealistic pedestal

Nothing ‘out there’ will ever truly fulfil me, not truly. I know this but still love is a beautiful and necessary life experience that each human being deserves to have

Yet I sometimes forget that it comes in many forms and at different life stages for everyone

You can have everything you want, just not all at once

Sometimes you’ll feel lonely even when you know you’re not alone, other times you’ll feel impatient even when you know it’s going to happen and most days you’ll be too busy living your life to even think about it

Yet nothing happens without being made a priority, there’s no point being busy for the sake of being busy

I don’t think or feel like I am being that but still, every so often, I like to remind myself that my truest desires and yearnings are not found in filmmaking or achievements but rather in personal connections

Connect with those around you and let them know you value them

Be well


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