Why Wait?

Don’t save the best till last

Never assume that you will have that long to even get to a ‘last’

Nobody in the history of humanity ever had an early warning that they would die peacefully in their sleep soon so they should get their affairs in order

The people who knew they were going to die ahead of time were always faced with some form of disease, illness or tragic incident that they couldn’t avoid or escape

For some it may have taken months or even years before they actually expired but that didn’t make it any less easier on them or their families

“Building a resume to get to do what you really want to do is like saving sex until old age” Warren Buffet

What that quote is about is waiting for someone else to give you the green light to do what you want to do

It’s about assuming that your current lack of experience needs to be solved by doing other things first before doing what you really, truly desire to do

Don’t stay in bad relationships because you’d rather be with someone than be alone and deep down you know that eventually you’ll get to that great relationship anyways so what’s the rush?

Why wait for conditions to be right? They never will be, it will never happen that life makes everything easy and simple for you

Go out there and grab it

I’ve been meaning to do so much inner work and everyday I find a reason not to do it

I’ve wanted for so long to just ask myself these key questions that would hopefully help me to better understand what it is that I want and why I don’t have it yet

But I’ve told myself over and over again that I have time, that I will do it later, I’ll do it tomorrow

Tomorrow has never come for me – ever

Perhaps it’s a fear of success or a fear that even after I get what I think will make me happy, I will still be unhappy and because I fear that disappointment, I keep my dreams in the far off distance so that it’s forever something I look forward to

How dumb does that sound! I’m too clever to live by such an absurd philosophy

You have your own absurd inner beliefs that you should examine closer

Upon closer inspection, I’m sure you’ll come to the same realisation I did, that those beliefs no longer serve you, perhaps they never did

Whatever the case may be, don’t wait and don’t save the best till last.

Have the best first and guess what will happen – even better will show up!

Be well


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