Enjoy The Present

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts?

A present is an unrequested, often unearned showing of appreciation from one person to another

It shouldn’t be confused with a reward. A reward is given due to some form of effort to gain it but a present is gifted because a person chose to do so without any form of work on the part of the receiver

You and I are given such a gift each and every day

It’s called another day of life, another 24 hours, a sunrise and sunset, another moment of breathing in and breathing out

Unearned and we couldn’t request for more if we tried

So enjoy and appreciate your ‘present’ – let go of the past otherwise you’re doomed to repeat it or at the very least, mentally relive it unnecessarily

Worry not about your future for it has yet to manifest and worrying about it won’t make it come any sooner

The present is the gift most taken for granted and yet within it is the future hidden in seed form and lessons of the past serving as a foundation to build from

You have everything you need

Today, this very moment, right NOW is all you have

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we call it the present

Gratitude for any gift goes a long way

Be grateful for yours

Happy Sunday

Be well


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