Rise & Grind

Dreams are free

The hustle is sold separately, I’ve written about that concept before and it’s as true now as it was then

There’s no escaping it, eventually you are gonna need to do the work – whatever it is that you have set before you as an objective

Losing weight, earning more money, building a business, creating and sustaining a fulfilling long term relationship and starting and maintaining a family

It all takes work, and no one else can do the work for you – sure, you may have people in your corner to work side by side with you but even then, you’re gonna have to pull your own weight and make sure you are providing as much value to the partnership as they hopefully are too


Awake from the fairytale fantasy where everything falls on your lap with ease and no effort

Wake up to the real possibility that you can fail if you don’t dot all your I’s and cross your T’s

Wake up to the fact that life is passing you by each day and the more you delay or postpone things because ‘the time isn’t right’ the likelihood of you ever finding the right time passes you by with the passing time

Rise up from that bed of laziness, self pity, brokenness, unfulfilled aspirations and fear


It works if you work it

I could write more but why? I would just be taking up time

It works if you work it so work it because you’re worth it

Be well


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