Sunny People

The sun has been out consistently for a while in my neck of the woods

With it has come the bright smiles of my colleagues at work, friends with uplifting news and random strangers on the street who suddenly feel comfortable striking up a conversation

Weather People

The sun effects us all in different ways but one of the generic ways I’ve observed people are effected is in the ‘sunny’ disposition it generates

People seem happier when the sun is out – either that or they become very bothered by ‘too much’ sun, but that’s another post entirely

If the sun has that capacity, to bring a joyful outlook merely by showing up then imagine you had your own inner ‘sun’ within

You do

We all do

Your smile and positive outlook doesn’t have to disappear when the sun does

You can keep your own weather system within – you already do

Have you ever met someone who no matter what is happening externally, no matter how great things are going, they find a way to dampen the mood? They find a reason to complain?

Have you ever met the opposite type of person? Even when it seems all is falling apart in their external reality, they somehow manage to find the good? They manage to put a positive spin on things?

Both people are strong inner weather people, their internal system is just firmly set in opposite ends of the same spectrum

The rest of us fall somewhere in the middle, sometimes we love to find things to complain about and on other days we work hard to not allow anything to bring us down

I guess for me the goal is to keep moving my needle closer and closer to the ‘sunnier’ side of life

Not so I can only think positively and never acknowledge that bad things happen (they always do) but because I notice that I enjoy this life ride a lot more that way

And since death is the only way I’m getting out of this, I aim to enjoy this ride for as long as I can while it lasts

Enjoy the sun

Better still, bring it with you from within 🙂

Be well


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