Why Not

It’s good to know ‘why’ we are doing something

Knowing ‘why’ gives activity purpose and direction, making sure it goes from activity to productivity

Motivational literature and content is littered with this concept of asking why and finding a purpose behind what you do and ultimately who you are

So we should all ask ourselves why and when the answer is clear, we should keep that at the forefront of our minds

It will help us in the hard times when all we feel like doing is giving up, when success seems improbable but failure is standing in front of you with wide open arms ready to embrace you and never let go

Knowing why in those moments will help you side step that embrace and false sense of security that retreat and backing down offers and keep marching forward

‘Why’ is very important, knowing it for yourself even more so

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” Proverbs 28:18 – The Bible

Your ‘why’ is your vision, it keeps you from perishing and fading into that darkness that has claimed so many lives who gave up on their own ‘why’, their own purpose and vision for life

It’s great to know why

However, we can’t spend our life just asking why why why all the time

Eventually, life will require us to act and in that moment, the question must change from why to why not

Picture this: you have a spark of a great idea, it’s crazy risky but if it were to work, it would transform your entire life. So you excitedly tell your trusted friend about it and ask them to join you in making it happen, they are fully aware of the risks involved, they pause to think then turn to face you square on and with unflinching eye contact they say “why not! Let’s do it!”

How empowering would that be?

How empowering are ‘why not’ people! They enable us to believe in the impossible, bringing it into the realm of possibilities

So ask yourself: why not?

Why not you?

Why not now?

Why not try?

Why not, why not, why not

The only time you’ll ever have is right now so surround yourself with why not people

Be a why not person

Life will handle the rest, all your dreams will unfold and become a reality, why not! It happens to other people all the time

Why not you?

Be well


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