Wonderful You


This is weird or least you will likely think I’m weird for even writing this

But this is dedicated to you, yes I do mean you, the person reading this

We will likely never meet face to face and therefore I have no real grounds to say what I am about to say other than it being true. But, if you’re anything like the rest of us, you most likely get very uncomfortable when being praised or complimented


The answer to that is as unique as you are but we don’t have time to contemplate any of that, with this post, I wanted to celebrate you in all your miraculous glory

You’ve been through a lot

I know

Sometimes, it’s felt like you were the only one on your side, that everybody had let you down or turned their backs on you and yet here you are

Yes you – I really am writing this for you and to you

Forgive me for saying what I’m about to say next, especially if you really hate cheesy things but I can’t help it, anybody that gets to know you would come to the same conclusion as me


I hope you hear that often in your life – I hope you are consistently overwhelmed by the amount of people that shower you with love, praise and adoration for being the amazing person that you are

but if not, if it’s been a while since you last heard it then I wanted you to be reminded that you are loved, cared for and greatly needed in this world

I know that fear has stopped you from doing many of the things you’ve deeply longed for. I know that many times you have chastised yourself for not being someone or something other than yourself

I am with you

Being you is hard – not many people see just how much you struggle internally, to be seen, to be heard and ultimately to feel like you matter and are loved

well here I am telling you that you are loved, cherished and appreciated and are very much needed in this world

We need you – yes I am writing this to you, the person scrolling through this on your phone, tablet or laptop

If you happen to be reading this – then it is you who I write this for

You are a beautiful human being with much to offer – i hope you know that, more so, I hope you live out your beauty everyday, I hope you are recognised for it

Don’t allow anything or anyone to dim that bright beautiful light of yours – you deserve to shine, you deserve to be observed with eyes of appreciation and wonder because that is what you truly are – a wonder

You have your moments – I know – so do you – you have your moments of being selfish and self centred. You have your moments when you have behaved less than honourable, less than the person you know yourself to be deep down

Don’t allow even your own behaviour to discredit you

You’ve made mistakes – sure

You’ve taken the wrong path at times and had to double back, sometimes it’s felt like its been one step forward and 100 steps back. You’ve taken more losses than anyone would care to admit, you have hurt others in the process of trying to deal with your own pains, you’ve caused tears to flow, hearts to break and blood to boil

Yes, you are definitely human, flawed and imperfect

Yet, through it all, you get back up, breath in deep and go out to face the world one more time – you are a hero – you need no saving because you are your own rescue

Boldness is in your nature – if you do not yet know this, please, just trust me, its all within you

Greatness is what you bring to the table

And yet, even if you didn’t have any of these great attributes as well as some very flawed ones, I would still tell you without flinching from my steady eye contact


you are loved because you are lovable, deserving and worthy

Too cheesy?

That’s okay, save this post somewhere – one day you will want and need to hear it and when that day comes, come find me, i’ll be here waiting, with the same words, same intensity and unashamed declaration:


Now go out there and bless the world with your presence

Be well


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4 thoughts on “Wonderful You

  1. Thank you. I am very troubled and heartbroken right now, and in this moment I really need to feel loved. I will definately save this post to read again and again.


    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re troubled and heartbroken at the moment, I hope you have people around you, supporting you and reminding you constantly of how wonderful you truly are, if not then be assured that although I’m a stranger to you, I’m here for you and happy to be a supportive friend any time you need. You are loved, you are awesome and how you feel right now will soon pass. Be well my friend


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