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Fomo 1Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing out on something

There are still many life milestones I have yet to reach or cross and I can often make the assumption that in having not done so yet, I am missing out on the key ingredient to happiness in life

The Fear Of Missing Out

I have it often – I concern myself that I am somehow missing out on the big life party, as if everybody else is inside and here I stand, on the outside looking in, observing as everybody has the time of their lives

Social media has many benefits and definitely has helped to make this small rock of ours, even smaller. Global news can now travel at the fastest speed than any other point in human history

Social media has also opened our eyes to the lives of others like never before, with so many posters so generous in what they share with the rest of the world, is it any wonder that studies are now being conducted on the link between depression and social media use

Fomo 2

It seems that for many of us, social media has become somewhat of a measuring tool, a platform we use to assess our progress and how we are doing. We inevitably compare ourselves to family, friends and complete strangers based on social media status and updates

Joe Schmo just got his start up business funded by venture capitalist for £1 million with the projected gross being in the hundreds of millions in the next 4 years. Joe frigging Schmo, you knew him at school, he wasn’t much to be jealous of, in fact compared to you, he was a relative loser and yet, here he is, passing you by

Jane Doe just signed a deal with a big conglomerate who have acquired a digital site of which she is founder and editor in chief, the rumour is, the deal will launch her to the higher echelons of society, rubbing shoulders with the rich, famous and beautiful. Jane was known as plain Jane in college and yet, here she is, succeeding beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, certainly beyond yours

And the same comparison is made for all aspects of our lives, careers, marital status, family building, wealth, health, looks, you name it – we all want to have the best of what life has to offer and we want to be recognised for it


I can’t speak for anyone but myself – for me, there are multi layered reasons – I want to feel like I am making the most of my life. I want to feel like I matter, that I am significant and worthy and that when my life ends, I will have nothing to look back on with any form of regret

These feelings force me to constantly want to be at the party – the so called life party that is happening out there somewhere, with all those happy, rich and loved up people

But is that really the truth?


Are other people so much more happier, well off and loved up than I am?

Were that to be the case, wouldn’t every marriage last? wouldn’t there be no context for Monday blues and depression and anxiety pills, suicides and all the other heinous events, emotions and actions we are all at some point subject to?

The truth is, the only thing we miss out on that we should truly fear is missing out on our true calling.

What is that?

The answer is as varied and unique as each human being living today but to define the concept – our calling is our uniqueness expressed tangibly

I think about the people who may read this, struggling to be themselves on Monday at the workplace because they feel bullied or ostracised. The person in that suffocating relationship, burdened with the feeling of being stuck

The corporate giant who considers themselves an artist at heart – the voiceless people, the world over, unable to vocalise their point of view for fear they will be ridiculed, dismissed or criticised

And yet, who you are is who you are – failure to recognise or acknowledge this, is to me, the very beginning of building your life on a crooked foundation….the whole thing will one day fall apart

You are missing out nothing

The party is not out there

The party has always been and will always be found within – you then express it out loud for the rest of the world to benefit from and enjoy

Be well


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