It’s a beautiful sunny day in London today

The sun is out, giving me that sunny feeling and all I want to do is be out and about doing stuff but I also realise that I kind of don’t want to

i realise that because the sun is out I feel like I should be out there doing something, some kind of fun activity that will make me feel like I am making the most of life – but what is ‘making the most of life’ really about?

Is making the most of life about the amount of fun you can cram into your one precious life?

Is it about the amount of meaning and significance you can draw from life, especially considering how fleeting it all really is?

Could it be that making the most of life is about the difference, regardless of size, you are able to make in another person’s life and ultimately to the world?

Yes, yes and yes – on all questions, life is about all those things and much more – the love you experience and share, the knowledge you gain and apply, the contribution you make and the precious breath you breath

Life is about all these things and a whole load of other things that we do not understand and likely never will

So why concern yourself with worrying about it


Enjoy the moment – i’m certainly seeking to just enjoy the weather, the peace that comes with the knowledge that at this very moment, all is right in my world. I could have been stressed about so many things but thankfully I am not

so why seek to find things to actively worry or complain about when life is giving me a moment to just be calm and enjoy it

i know how hippie it all sounds, how zen and monk like it may all come across and for some, it may be a complete turn off to read the following

Relax – breath in the oxygen, deep into your lungs and let it fill you up – recognise that at this very moment, you are full, complete, lacking and needing nothing extra to complete you

Enjoy the company you have around you, especially if its your own. The party is and will always be wherever you are.

You are missing nothing – lacking nothing – needing nothing

Very hippie and too esoteric for some but even if that happens to be the case

That’s okay – I’ll relax into that awareness and knowledge too

I’m not for everybody – neither are you

So what?

Relax and enjoy your life and the people who you clearly are for

Be well


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