Spinning Plates

Maybe I’ve ran out of things to write about

Or perhaps, I am losing the inspiration

I think ultimately I may have too many plates spinning at the same time to be inspired to write. Could this be the beginning of burn out?

My producer and I had a back and forth yesterday about the number of projects we’re trying to accomplish. We are currently in the festival stage of one film: ‘Haraam’, in post production edit of another: ‘Unbreakable’ and in pre production of yet another: ‘Insanity’ 

That’s three plates spinning on the go – add the 9-5 and all the politics that come with that, a personal life and life begins to feel a little overwhelming and congested

This is where meditation would work wonders (if I did it) but right now that feels like another additional thing I would need to add to the ‘To do list’ and it would only add to the sense of doing too much at once

This isn’t a complaint nor a plea – everything I am doing, i am thoroughly enjoying and have consciously chosen to do

Only reason I bring it up is because today I didn’t feel inspired to write anything, didn’t have a single idea, theme and couldn’t think of a direction or point I wanted to put out there into the world

It made me wonder whether this was an early sign of burn out or more likely just a very hot and tiring day where writing any thought is the last thing I want to do – I’m hoping it’s the latter

“But you’re writing something right now” I hear you think – I’m making it up as I go along, I’m writing out loud without putting too much thought into it

Moments like these are what make me glad that I had made a commitment to write everyday, its truly the only reason I continue – had the commitment not been made then I would not be doing this so consistently and right now I think a lesson in consistency is what I need

I think a lesson in consistency is one we all could learn and benefit from and in learning that lesson, we soon discover that even when you don’t want to do something but do it all the same, eventually you still produce a result because of it

But while the plates are spinning, I’m also aware that I can’t and won’t always get this balancing act right – perhaps, it’s not about balance at all – maybe it’s about finding harmony

The difference being that balance aims to give an equal amount of energy, time and effort to everything on your priority list while harmony recognises the truth, that somethings will and should take centre stage of your life while others compliment and accentuate those priorities

Who knows? I’m just writing out loud

I wrote more than I thought I would

Have a great weekend

Be well


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