Avengers Infinity War


It’s very action packed

The humour almost always nails it each time

My interest did not dip once while watching it

And yet, i’m still not sure how I feel about Avengers infinity war

It’s certainly a most brilliant film, and as far as where it ranks in the MCU, I must rank it in the top three

But this many big characters jam packed into one film only proves that it’s very difficult to adequately give every person enough screen time to truly flourish. With this in mind, I would say this film focuses on Tony Stark, Guardians of the galaxy, Thor and of course Thanos

What I found most surprising about Infinity war was the humanity with which they bestowed the apparent villain Thanos with. At first it would appear that his motivation is like any other super villains, to rule the universe and destroy anybody and anything in his path

But as the film progresses we come to learn that, in his own twisted way, Thanos believes he is doing the universe a favour by seeking to wipe out half of all existence within it

Yet he too loves, he too feels pain and he too is motivated by the need that I suppose drives us all, to live, to learn, to love and to leave a legacy – it just so happens that his legacy is one of genocide

If I allowed myself to, I could write at length about my experience when watching this film but I think I am still processing

It’s a triumph in so many ways, all praise to the directors: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo, they managed to create a genuinely thrilling story with a vast ensemble cast, allowing for multiple layers of storytelling plot to seamlessly tie-in together

On the other hand, perhaps it just might be too big an undertaking, further validating why it has been divided into two parts

I look forward to the follow up

Be well



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