Energy Is Everything

You get back what you put in

I’m writing this for me, it’s a pep talk that I need to hear, a reminder of who I desire to become

You have to put more energy into your dreams and your goals than anyone else

Your energy determines your state, your state defines your presence and how you show up in the world

How you show up in the world triggers the results you will eventually reap

So, manage your energy, it’s a decision to bounce back quickly when your energy dips, when things feel off course and you feel so far away from your dream – that’s when it matters

That’s when it counts

Push the boundaries of how happy you can be on a day to day basis

Push the limits on how passionate you can be everyday

It’s nothing to do with any external circumstances and everything to do with your internal world

You can shape your internal world on purpose, you must, it’s the only way to rise above, the only way to become more than what you are right now

Shape your internal world and preset it to experience more uplifting emotions on a consistent basis

Energy is everything

Enthusiasm is contagious, it infects every person it touches (eventually)

But you’re not doing it for that – this isn’t about influencing others, this is about taking charge of yourself and making yourself into the person you’ve always known you could be


It’s everything

Note to self

Be well


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