What’s The Worst?Digest

They say no

They say they’re not interested

They take the idea and run with it without me

Okay….aside from maybe the last one, nothing truly harmful will happen to me

This is what I’ve been telling myself regarding an idea that I’m shortly due to pitch

The worst that can happen is they are not interested or pretend not to be then run away with the idea (that’s me thinking very cynically)

My physical being won’t be hurt, my finances won’t be lost and although maybe my pride and ego may take a hit if I place too much attachment in getting a positive outcome to my sense of self worth, ultimately, I’ll be more thank okay

I shouldn’t fear the possibility of rejection because on the other side of that potential rejection is also all the rewards I can possibly imagine

So work away at the presentation I did and also made more headway with the post production of the documentary I’m working on

Now it’s time for some much anticipated Avengers entertainment

Happy Sunday

Be well


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