Act As If….

“If it were impossible for you to fail, what would you do?”

Ever heard that question before?

Whether yay or nay, think it over and answer – what would you do?

Me? I would make multiple films, write multiple books and build multiple businesses

Just scratching the surface there but who has time to read someone else’s wish list

How about you? What would you do?

well, whatever it is that you would do, why not act as if it’s impossible to fail at it

Act as if you already know you will succeed and that things will work out in your favour

Act as if the ‘yes’ is certain and forthcoming

Act as if the money you desire is already yours, see it in your minds eye, put your chest out and confidently put your best effort into everything you do

Acting ‘as if’ is a great way to trick yourself into being more confident and sure of yourself

I mean what’s the worst that can happen? That the thing doesn’t happen?

Think about all the lessons you can learn from that and how those lessons will help you do things better next time

So the downsides are very minimal and yet the upside is unlimited

Act as if – action is the key to transforming ideas into reality so take action

Be well


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