The Secret

Have you read it?

I’m sure you’ve at least heard about it and the concept of the law of attraction

The law being: whatever we consistently think about with feeling will come about

Earl Nightingale had a similar recorded talk, long before the secret was released, long before the law of attraction became a popular mainstream concept

His one was simple – you become what you think about

I believe it to be true

It’s not a mere ‘think about something you want and it shall come to pass’ type of thing but rather it’s more about the concept that we do not stray too far from who we imagine ourselves to be

So the habitual thoughts about ourselves, the world around us and our place in it reveals a lot about who we think we are and who we think we will be

Monitor your thoughts for a few days without judgment or censorship and just note down your self talk

It’s it positive?

Do you habitually encourage and build yourself up, affirming your worth to yourself or are you like most people (myself included) and your self talk is very negative

That right there, the self talk you have going on within, that habitual way of thinking about yourself and others – when good ideas come to you, that habitual way of disregarding because you don’t believe you can do it or that you’re good enough to succeed or perhaps whether you even deserve to it not

It’s that level of thinking that we would all benefit from working on

We need not be our own worst enemy

Yes, negative self talk will never fully be erased but I strongly believe we can do sufficient work to minimise it and make it even feel foreign to who we are

We can make it sound out of place in our heads because we no longer subscribe to the train of thought that we are not good enough, worthy or capable of being, having or doing whatever it is we truly want

The law of attraction is just one law of many laws that if practiced helps us to lead more effective lives

You will become what you habitually think about

Choose your thoughts carefully and wisely

Be well


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