It doesn’t get easier but….

You can get better

life will never get easier, sure, you may have moments, periods and even seasons where it seems as if you can do no wrong but those will be few and far in between in comparison to the consistent hard knocks that we all will face

It’s the difficulty in finding the energy, passion and resources to build a dream business after your normal work hours are done and you can barely even think because you have already given your all at work

It’s the setbacks in our personal relationships, draining our energy, zest for life and sense of enjoyment

None of it gets easier but you can get better

Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better

Better at switching from a negative state to a positive state. wish you were better at diffusing negative situations and transforming them into positives

We can all get better

This is the best hope we can have in life. Considering the amount of pain, hopelessness and randomness that life throws at us, the best hope I can think of is that we can get better

We can get better at dealing with it all

We can’t fix this world, heck we can’t even fix ourselves but then again, who ever said we were broken in the first place?

Perhaps making the assumption that when things go wrong then it means that the world, our world is broken, that we are broken, perhaps, this is the real problem.

Things go wrong

That will never change, it will never get easier

But we can get better – there’s hope in that

Be well


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