Forward Thinking

I spent the entire work day in a wider department meeting involving colleagues from multiple sites across Europe

Working for a FTSE 100 company with a vast reach across Europe, getting the entire team together isn’t easy

We focused on the purpose of our department and how we fit into the wider business and then we explored our core values – of which we have five

It got me thinking: perhaps, this is why the company I work for is so successful

We are successful as a business because we take the time to have clarity on our purpose and values and try to get buy in from everyone

“I should do this for myself” was my thinking

When did I last set aside time to ponder my higher purpose and values and how I can show up everyday in the world to manifest it and make it a reality?


Yet for the last few weeks, I’ve been on courses and workshop sessions that have forced me to think forward and really consider what I am doing and more importantly, why

One of the core values that we discussed was how we as a business are ‘Forward thinking and restless’ meaning we are constantly thinking about the next wave ahead, once we have mastered one corner of the market, it’s never a shock to discover that we are already fighting for space in the next corner, seeking our market share

Business is a blood sport

Life is a blood sport

Life is a business

Our lives, like businesses need to be managed correctly in order to not only survive but ultimately thrive, even in very difficult times and shrinking economies

Forward thinkers recognise the eminent changes in the horizons and do what they can to adapt and be ready

Forward thinkers are optimistic- they think in terms of ‘the future will be even better than right now, how can I best position myself to make the most of it?’

And as a result, because forward thinkers are far sighted and able to thrust their visions far into the future, they handle things better

They are less likely to be blindsided by life and more likely to capitalise on opportunities long before others even realise an opportunity existed

Think forward

Be optimistic in your thinking

Prepare, be ready for an opportunity that may never come because……well, you never know

Even a broken clock is right twice a day

Be well


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