State of Room – State of Mind

Ever heard the saying: “the state of your room is a direct reflection on the state of your mind”?

I wasn’t always a believer in this

But the more tidy I keep my room I have consistently noticed that my mind tends to go in the same direction. Same goes for when I allow my room to become a little messy, with things not being put or returned to their proper place

My mind becomes disorganised in the same way as my room

I don’t know what it is, perhaps we hate clutter as human beings and the more we allow things to build up in our lives, the less will power we have to resolve or fix anything

Life is one indivisible whole, as Gandhi once put it, meaning that you can’t separate one aspect of your life from the rest of it. if you tell lies in one area of your life, chances are, if the conditions are right, you will lies elsewhere too

Same goes for cheating, being rude to others, lacking backbone or any other of the many things that plague us all as human beings

change your room, change your mind

change your mind, change your life

Imagine that is true, that all you need to do to change/transform your life is to keep a tidy room?

I know for a fact that life is not that simple but what if this keeping your room as tidy and organised as possible was way more crucial than any of us realise?

I’m just thinking out loud here, not necessarily trying to convert anyone to any particular train of thought

Perhaps my mum was right all along while growing up – the state of my room really does speak volumes and makes a clear statement of the kind of person I am

Now, I am not advocating that we all become OCD clean freaks (unless you already are that, in which case, be yourself) but just saying that one discipline, builds on to the next discipline and therefore nothing should ever be taken for granted

Every action matters

Be well


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