The cool down

After an intense week of self introspection I realise that sometimes a good amount of space and no activity, especially for an already introverted person like me is very beneficial

so that is what I intend to do

I have upped my ‘Elvis’ and feel very confident that my stated objective of becoming a ‘State Jedi’ is more than in reach, in fact it has been renamed to becoming a ‘Zenergy Jedi’ based on feedback from the group of how ‘Zen’ I naturally am and yet how much ‘energy’ i bring to my delivery

so I will combine the two and become a Zenergy Jedi Master 🙂

I realise that all of this has no particular use to you and I have no intention of using this space as a ‘dear diary’ opportunity but I think i have no current energy to write anything useful but a commitment is a commitment

So I’ll leave it there – I’m cooling myself down and getting myself centred

Be well


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