Becoming a Jedi

Day two of my ‘Upping your Elvis’ course was all about managing our state

How we show up in the world and the impact we have on other people because of our state

This was perfect for me as I had written that my overall goal during this course is to become more skilled in managing my state – becoming a state Jedi as one of the course facilitators put it 

Our state is determined by many things, how we feel at any given moment, what we are thinking about, how centred or in control we believe we are in any period of time

We learned about four energy levels that determine the kind of state we are in at any given moment

Mental energy:

How we are processing the events going on in our lives. The mind is the filter through we define meaning and interpret everything that is taking place in our lives, giving it labels such as good, bad, horrible etc

Physical energy:

Our physiology is how we experience the state that we are in, sometimes changing or tweaking our physical posture can do wonders to whether we get into state or complete lose it – think power pose

Emotional energy:

Once filtered through the mind and given meaning, we then feel the meaning we have assigned the event. If positive we may become even more excited, feel joy and what not but if negative then we slump our shoulders, feel sad, become depressed in extreme circumstances

Spiritual energy:

This has northing to do with religion or one particular faith but rather the overall idea that we are beings with a lot more to use than meets the eye. This is the aspect of our nature that often gives us greater meaning and purpose

Then we discussed a little bit about the caveman effect and how all of us through our evolution as a species are still operating with the old fight, flight, freeze mode of behaviour

I could go on and on, literally about everything that was covered today but that would be a 5,000 worded essay – bottom line is I discovered how to be more self aware of my state, what is determining it and how to change it if I’m not happy with it

It takes a lot of self awareness and then action to recalibrate and then re-centre yourself if you are not in the right frame of mind

Things that can help you get there faster are morning routines or rituals, meditative practices and simple breathing. This whole course is somewhat of a journey for me, I’m often finding that I am in my head a lot, thinking about other things rather than being present in the moment

As an introverted person, there’s only so much human interaction I can deal with before I need space (a lot of it) but hey, if i’m out of my comfort zone then I’m growing and that’s always a good thing

Be well


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