Use it or lose it

Life can’t be just highlights of all the good parts yet skip over all the hard but necessary for growth parts

The whole point of it must be to experience it all, each phase, each season and each period as it is happening without wanting to jump to the next point in time

I say this with the full knowledge that I actually don’t know what the point of life is other than to live out the purpose we were all made for – each persons purpose being as unique as their fingerprint

So we all do ourselves a disservice playing the comparison game

Some people are just blessed with way more natural talent than the rest of us, while others have inhuman capabilities when it comes to their work ethic, resilience and consistency 

It doesn’t really matter what others have

What do I have?

What do you?

What can we do with what has been given to us and how can what we do help the world in our own unique way?

Whatever you fail to use, you will eventually lose

I used to write music, I used to write it all in my head because I most often didn’t have a notepad or pen when the ideas would come to mind so I would go over the lines, repeating them over and over, creating the sequence and melody until I had a full 16.

I created full songs, numerous amounts in this fashion and was somehow able to recollect them all

Then one day, a friend of mine told me that what I was doing was risky because I could end up forgetting, and since I didn’t have any of it written down, I would have no way of ever remembering it – so i started only writing using a notepad and pen, i tried to one day write the verse in my mind like I used to and that ability was long gone

Then came the day when I stopped writing entirely, i thought perhaps it was a break, a writers block phase that would pass as soon as the other ‘stuff’ i was dealing with were resolved, how naive I was – I’ve never written or made any music since

I recently attempted to write a 16 versed rap and the results were awful. My brain doesn’t work that fast anymore, it can’t connect the dots the way it used to

I’ve lost it

Same thing happened with football and sports in general, I used to captain my teams (both school and district) and could run up and down the pitch as a midfielder, reading the plays way before they happened and shouting commands that made sense

Now? I’d get left behind

whatever you refuse to consistently use, you will eventually lose and once it’s gone, it will take herculean level of effort to get it back, if that’s even possible


You get back what you put in is another way of saying it

So put in your best and let the rest take care of itself

Be well


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