Put It Out There

Today I screened my very first feature film which was filmed over four years ago

It’s taken over four years just to get it to a place where it was even screenable

The sound had to be redone because the original recording was awful but some of that bad sound still remains in the final work

My decision making (or lack thereof) when it comes to shots, angles and direction is apparent and tells a story of an amateur just starting out

It’s all my lack of experience on display

But one person in the audience was brought to tears at the end, she gave such encouraging feedback of her experience watching the film that I’m super psyched to get going on the next one(s)

That was the best I could do back then

I’m much better than I was four years ago, wiser, more confident and trusting of my ability

But here is the thing, there is no escaping that learning curve, the only way to learn it is to earn it through experience

I realised today that you have to put your work out there and see what happens, there is no point hiding whatever light you have within due to fear or perceived imperfections in your work – you won’t ever get it perfect but you will see how you can do it better next time

Someone out there will appreciate the effort

Someone else will tell you how to do it better and life will definitely make a way for you to improve

The only thing stopping you is fear

And you already know what your particular brand of fear is

Tackle it head on

Put it out there

Put yourself out there

Have some skin in the game and be involved

take action

There is no telling how what you put out into the world will be received and to be honest, that’s none of your business or concern

It’s out of your control

The only thing in your realm of control is your capacity to create something and put it out there

The rest will take care of itself

So do just that

Be well


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