No Limits

You have none

There are none

You are capable of anything imaginable – key word being imaginable

If you can think it, you can bring it to realityIf you can think it, you should ink it – write it down, make it plain so you can have direction in your life

The only limits are those you place on yourself and unfortunately that’s the biggest hurdle all of us will ever have to jump over

In many ways having external enemies to fight, conquer and vanquish is a lot easier than facing the biggest life destroyer we will ever encounter

The person within

I’ve had moments when I’ve hated myself for failing to be, have or do what I felt was expected of me by society

I hated myself for not having the trappings that I was told would make me happy – so guess what? I made myself very unhappy

I’ve felt sorry for myself on many occasions. I told myself that I was a victim, powerless to stop the things happening to me that I didn’t like, powerless to get the things I truly wanted and powerless to effect change overall

Such lies

Everybody gets passed over, looked over, written off and taken for granted by somebody else out there at some point in time

That’s just life

The worst thing we can do is do that to ourselves. We often are the very first people to write our dreams off, dismissing our own ideas as foolish, impossible or improbable

This enemy I battle within is powerful but I no longer believe his lies that I can’t overcome him, defeat and overpower him and make him yield to my will

The only limitations are those I allow myself to believe in, yet the hardest job I’ll ever have is convincing myself that those perceived limitations are indeed just perceptions and not reality

I don’t care how many people told you anything

It doesn’t matter the amount of no’s, you’re not good enough, or other put downs and let downs you’ve heard and experienced in your lifetime

There are no limits

Don’t let words, circumstances or people convince you otherwise

Be well


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4 thoughts on “No Limits

  1. Starting new habits is easy, sustaining new habits I think requires a change in thinking otherwise it becomes like a yo-yo diet, stopping and starting all the time because the internal landscape hasn’t changed…thoughts?

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